Dane Reynolds fires up Haleiwa

Dane Reynolds’ impossible layback turn invaded all Haleiwa talks, as the Reef Hawaiian Pro 2012 enters the finals.


Super clean and contestable four-foot surf welcomed the big guns for the full spectrum of maneuvers, from tube rides to aerials. A total of 1,053 individual rides were scored today.

Kelly Slater fought legendary Hawaiian Sunny Garcia, Alex Smith and Jesse Mendes. Garcia offered up a spirited contest from the outset, locking in a clean tube-ride that shot a message to long-time rival Slater that the game was on.

Slater’s trump card was his aerials, while Garcia focused his energy on securing the biggest waves that better suited his power gouging approach.

“He’s just as grumpy as ever, I love it,” said Slater, on Sunny. “He has to catch the first wave and paddles right back around you. You’ve got to try to get a score and put a little pressure on him”.

Garcia was doing double time again today, switching between the main event and the final heat of the exhibition Reef Clash of the Legends against Kaipo Jaquias, Mark Occhilupo, and Tom Curren. Garcia eventually won the Clash for a bonus $10,000.

Despite the nostalgic glory of winning the Legends, it’s safe to say that Garcia’s real focus today was on proving his place in the lineup against Slater.

read more on: http://www.surfertoday.com/surfing


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