Lance Armstrong Case Closed!


Lance Armstrong never took steroids. Federal prosecutors dropped their investigation today after trying for nearly two-years to determine if the 7-time Tour de France winner used performance enhancing drugs.

Armstrong has been accused of using steroids often by former teammates, but the cyclists has strongly denied the rumors. Armstrong attorney Mark Fabiani said in a statement today:

“This is great news. Lance is pleased that the United States Attorney made the right decision, and he is more determined than ever to devote his time and energy to Livestrong and to the causes that have defined his career.”

The Associated Press reports that the charges stem from an investigation into the Rock Racing cycling team which was owned by fashion entrepreneur Michael Ball and Lance Armstrong.

United States Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. announced today that the investigation was over. Birotte Jr. did not provide a reason. Birotte Jr. said:

“(We are) closing the investigation into allegations of federal criminal conduct by members and associates of a professional bicycle racing team owned in part by Lance Armstrong.”

The NY Times reports that the federal government was investigation charges of defrauding of the government, drug trafficking, money laundering and conspiracy. Government officials were especially interested to find out of the Rock Cycle team used any funds from the United States Postal Service, one of its main sponsors, to buy PEDs.

Betsy Andreu, who has accused of Armstrong of using steroids, said that the decision to end the investigation was baffling. Andreu said:

“Our legal system failed us. This is what happens when you have a lot of money and you can buy attorneys who have people in high places in the Department of Justice.”

Do you think the government made the right decision to drop the case against Lance Armstrong?

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