I’m Glad I Didn’t Buy Liverpool


New England chief is thrilled to be back in London this week for an NFL game but reveals why owning a football club here is a non-starter for now..

Robert Kraft, a fan of the New England Patriots long before he bought the club, has always been proud that, in sport, his heart has ruled his head.

So, when he takes his seat on Sunday at Wembley for the match against Stan Kroenke’s St Louis Rams, his feelings will be those of a fan rather than an owner. “Unfortunately the low of losing is lower than the high of winning. You want to prevent losing as much as you can.”

But, six years ago, when he considered buying Liverpool, it was Kraft’s head which overruled his heart.

Speaking as he prepared to fly to London for the one regular season match the NFL holds outside the United States, Kraft revealed: “Do you know I came close to buying Liverpool, right before George Gillett and Tom Hicks bought it? I met David Moores, a wonderful man, and it was quite an interesting episode because I love the game of soccer, too.”

The 71-year-old, who also owns the MSL franchise New England Revolution, then confesses: “My heart wanted to do it but my head told me, no.”

One reason his head warned him off was that Kraft knew he would have to solve Liverpool’s stadium problem, which he feared would be a repeat of his Patriot experience. “The situation at Anfield reminded me a little bit of our situation,” he says.

read more: http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/interviews/im-glad-i-didnt-buy-liverpool-8222399.html

pics from: http://media.pennlive.com/midstate_impact/photo/robert-kraft-ad0221506e361e58.jpg


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